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things I know

I've worked in IT all my adult life and have picked up some skills along the way

  • linux and web tricks
  • aws cloud services
  • what I don't know I can find
  • witty conversation
  • electronics and computers
  • I have a family, but that's private

things I like

I have broad interests and they're getting broader all the time


I've hiked all over: California, Colorado, Michigan, Nevada, Ohio, the Caribbean, Mexico, Switzerland, France, China, Spain.

electronics projects.

I'm an early adopter and have enjoyed building computers, Raspberry Pi projects, Linux servers, Arduino's.

philosophy, science, music, and art

I've studied comparative religion and enjoy reading Vedic literature. I like a good religious debate and enjoy music and art from all around the world.

contact me

I don't do free consulting, but I'm interested in challenges and new ideas

Mark C. Amos
2634 Goddard Rd.
Toledo, OH 43606-3015